Do you want to start an online business with little or no money? If yes, you need to sell your products on Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media platform that will enable you to reach potential buyers without much efforts or spending more money. You only need to present your products uniquely and professionally. With this, you will convince customers that the products are of high quality and you will get positive comments that will motivate other customers to make purchases. Nevertheless, some myths can make you fail to succeed in this business. Therefore, you need to be aware of them. Here they are:

You need a huge budget to stand out from your competitors

Selling products on Facebook is the cheapest business. All the retailers including the ones with budgetary constraints can start this business. You don’t require employing staffs to work on your store. With only a reliable e-commerce platform you will be ready to go. Shopify will help you achieve this. It will allow you to manage your business without errors effectively.

Also, you need to motivate the customers to make purchases. You can achieve this by sending them coupon codes or offering free shipping.

Setting low prices is the only way to run a successful business

Although when selling on Facebook you need to enhance the customers’ experience, you don’t have to set low prices. The low prices can make you encounter losses,and your business can diminish. Some customers visit Facebook hoping to find cheap products while others are looking for quality products. Thus, if you set high prices, you can easily sell. It will depend on the way you present products. You can use high-quality images of your products to convince customers to make purchases. With this, they will purchase more of your products.

When customers post negative comments about your products, you have to remove them

This myth will make customers run away from your products. Selling on Facebook has a lot of challenges,and you should know how to overcome them. If you choose to delete a comment, the customer will tell other buyers that you are an untrustworthy seller. Thus, you need to engage the customer with respectful dialogue. Comment on how you will improve the products. With this, you will get more customers and increase sales.

It is good to pay people to like and comment about your products

Many retailers fail to succeed when selling products on Facebook because they believe that having many followers is the only way to increase conversion. They, therefore, end up paying people to comment. To make millions of customers to make purchases, you need to upload high-quality images and a clear product description.